Vivid Reflections: My Top 5 Hard To Kill House Plants

In 2018, I posted this blog about house plants.  At the time, I was looking for a few plants that would be hard to kill.  I don’t have the greenest of thumbs so I needed something hearty and forgiving.  I did a little research and thought my findings would be great information to share. It’s now 2022 and I think this information is just as important now as it was in 2018.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred to this blog.  It’s a good one, y’all! I hope you enjoy this helpful throwback. 

* Update: The Christmas Cactus I mentioned below is still alive and kicking.  The jade plant, however, has succumbed to my not so attentive plant parenting skills.  I thought I was doing everything right, but somewhere along the way I managed to do the wrong thing too many times.

Trends.  #SMH!  Sometimes trends are things that have actually been around forever they just haven’t received the notoriety they deserve, or it could be their popularity is circling back around.  They are items that were in at one time then went out and are now back in…kind of like stirrup pants.  There’s a trend I want to explore with you today.

Did ya’ll know house plants have officially become a trend for 2018?  They were actually trendy in 2017 as well, but this year they are super-duper trendy.  I’ve owned many a house plant in my day, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t been the most successful plant parent.  I currently have 2 house plants.  One is a Christmas Cactus that I’ve had for over a year now.  The other is a jade plant, that I’ve only had a few months.  The fact that they’re both alive is a miraculous thing, but I sorta want a few more.  That’s why this trend is so appealing to me.  Since I had to research the topic anyway, I thought I’d blog about my findings and share my info with you.  Today I’ll give you my top 5 list of plants that, from my research, seem to be the easiest to keep alive.

Did you know that some plants can help you sleep?  True story, but if you think about it for a minute, it makes sense.  Studies have shown that being in nature reduces stress, therefore bringing some nature inside your house can also reduce stress.  See that connection I just made there?  Because most insomnia is caused by stress and anxiety, having plants of the calming variety around can be extremely beneficial.  Also, toxins, molds, odors and such cause poor air quality.  How are you supposed to sleep well when you can’t breathe well?  Plants will actually purify the air while you sleep.  Though they may not stop you from snoring like a Mac Truck, they will help you catch some zzzz’s.    See, we all need plants in our bedrooms.

This brings me to my first introduction of my top 5 house plants.

#1. Snake Plant

It’s so hard for me to even type the word snake.  I’m not a fan of the reptile, but the plant is pretty cool.  It’s one of the most recommended plants for improving indoor air quality.   It’s also extremely tolerant.  They can be neglected for weeks and still look fresh.  Put them in indirect sunlight and don’t water them too much, especially in the winter.  In fact, it’s ok to let the soil dry out between waterings.

Suffering from nausea, corns, diarrhea?  Do you have any warts you want to get rid of?  Well, I have just the plant for you.

#2 Jade Plant

I don’t quite understand how this plant will help with nausea as it is mildly toxic, but I’m definitely going to try it on my plantar warts.  Feng Shui enthusiasts claim the Jade Plant provides positive mental health by nourishing the chi.  It’s a very low maintenance succulent that is said to bring prosperity and friendship, and good luck, but only if the plant is given to you.  They need some sunlight, about 4 hours a day, and their soil should be kept slightly moist during the summer and slightly dry in the winter.

Have a small space you need a small plant for? This next plant is exactly what you’re looking for.

#3 Ripple Peperomia (or Radiator Plant)

This plant doesn’t get very big (8”max), is related to black pepper, has beautiful corrugated leaves, and is native to Brazil.  Low to medium, and fluorescent light is what this fun plant thrives on.  Keep it away from direct sunlight.  During the summer, water as soon as the potting soil begins to dry out. In the winter months, allow the soil to dry almost completely before watering.

Need a plant you can pretty much grow inside a closet?  I’m not kidding.

#4 ZZ Plant

This plant is so popular because it is so low maintenance.  You really have to put some effort into killing it.  The ZZ Plant only needs water once every four weeks or so, similar to a cactus.  You will need to wear gloves if you repot it or cut off the dead fronds because it may cause a mild skin irritation.  It can also be poisonous if ingested.

Are you scared of spiders?  Don’t be, at least don’t be scared of the plant variety.

#5 Spider Plants

The Spider Plant is considered one of the most adaptable houseplants ever and the easiest to grow.  It’s a member of the lily family and its variegated leaves are stunning.  They will grow in most light, semishady to bright.  Once or twice a week is all the watering this beauty requires to keep up its striking appearance.

And there you have it, folks, my top five hard to kill, super-duper trendy, houseplants. I want to throw honorable mention to a list of other easy to grow beauties:  Aloe, Bird of Paradise, Air Plants, Rattlesnake Plant, Boston Fern, Calanthea Sweetheart Hoya, Seeping Fig, Peace Lily, Ivy, Asparagus Fern, Christmas Cactus, Ficus, Parlor Palm, Philodendrun, Arrowhead Vine, Succulents, Bamboo, Dieffenbachia, Croton

See, there are so many plants that you can stick your brown thumb in to keep you trendy, Wendy, and there are so many benefits to having houseplants.  My top 5 plants are pretty tough, you won’t be sending them to sleep with the fishes any time soon.  However, if those don’t appeal to you, you could always choose a plant from the list and google for care instructions.  I’m positive you have it in you to be the best plant parent in the land.  You got this!

Thanks for walking down a plant filled memory lane with me today.  It’s good to have timeless information to keep in your back pocket for impromptu trips. Plants are pretty fantastic and now you have a snapshot of the easiest ones to keep around.  

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